Class Descriptions


Beginning Glass Fusing -
The Basics

An introduction to kiln formed glass, you’ll learn about fusible glass, compatibility, fusing, slumping, tool use, and several techniques. You’ll make 4 projects (a sampler plate, picture frame, mosaic style dish or candle holder, and embossed dish or sun catcher) each focusing on different ways to use sheet and accessory glass.


Glass Cutting

Good for beginners or those who want to brush up their skills.  Learn how to cut glass effectively.  You’ll practice straight cuts, curves & circles.


3 Layer Plates

Learn how to combine layers of transparent glass to create new hues and patterns.  We'll discuss color combinations, assembly challenges, and how to be sucessful. You'll practice by making 3   6" plates, each with increasing difficulty. Beginning fusing class or equivalent experience required. Bone up on your cutting skills for this. 


Glass on Edge

Using 1 cm glass strips on their edge you’ll create a 5x7” plate & learn how to coldwork it for a professional finish.  Glass cutting experience required.



Learn to use rods in kilnforming. This is a hybrid of Rods, Rods & More & Rods part 2. You’ll Learn how to create unique designs using rods and make stringers pattern bars. 


Strip & Flow Pattern Bars

This is the first class we are offering that focuses exclusively on making complex designs with pattern bars. You’ll learn to make 2 types of pattern bars and incorporate each into a project. Good cutting skills & beginning fusing class or equivalent experience required. Glass on Edge or Rods class helpful.


Flow Motion

You’ll work with sheet glass and billets to create 2 art pieces using different methods allowing the glass to flow.



Designing with Frit

You’ll design your own “special production” glass with frit & mica for use in plates, bowls, jewelry & more by making 1 all frit bowl, and 3 patterned plates. No experience required. Explore displacement. You’ll make 3 pieces and have pattern bars left over to use in future pieces. Beginning Fusing or equivalent experience.